Spokane DEM Newsletter Vol 2 March 2009

Let me quote the Spokane DEM Newsletter Vol 2 from March 2009:
I will be leading efforts to revise the H.I.V.A. and develop a Strategic Plan to address the needs and concerns of our new H.I.V.A. The Management 310 course in April se t the foundation to move forward with identifying community Hazards. Members of this training will sit on the strategic planning committee. It is proposed that this committee will make recommendations to the EMAC, revise the current H.I.V.A and ultimately create the Strategic Plan that will prepare, mitigate, respond to, and recover from all-hazards identified in this H.I.V.A. Some of the deliverables include but are not limited to: Developing an internal market research, surveys and trends.
I don't care if you are a Democrat or not - that is good news!